Is Russell Brand A 21st Century Prophet?

Russell Brand has become what one Oxford student branded in an interview with Stephen Fry “The Nations New Favourite Pop Academic”. I suppose what Brand offers on “The Trews” is an ulterior perspective,  usually cynical of the narrative presented by media of world events and his disquiet with modern consumerism. On one level he is very much a modern day religious icon. Preaching to the masses against the establishment and hierarchy. And unlike in nearly all other avenues of modern society 2015, acknowledges  humans as spiritual and conscious beings rather than simply consumers and statistics.

This is his niche. A vacuum was left vacant after we decided to leave all that religious society stuff behind. However, secularism still needs to cater to the spiritual and emotional side of humanity without trying to patronize or sell us something.

Brand professes to be a Christian at some level (A believer in Jesus Christ) yet his analysis of the manipulation of mainstream media and the entrenchment of corporate capitalism in governments is applicable and appealing to all who have suffered at the hands of unequal,  austerity strapped policies Russellas a result of the actions of a minority of individuals.

Brand is modern day religion. If Islam or Christianity really wanted to be relevant to peoples lives in the 21st century they’d take a leaf from Brand’s book and realize that the speedy, online world should be at the core of their organisation. Instead it is a peripheral aspect at best. I know the Pope is on Twitter but he might as well not be, he’s no banter whatsoever. Maybe when he retweets Dan Blizerian on a private jet with 11 supermodels i’ll consider following him.

Brand on the other hand is witty, he’s sharp and while not always correct he connects with people on a genuine human level. I like the idea of the Trews and think as news media continues to be  engulfed and shifted towards this online global village,  mainstream media sources will become more and more irrelevant and insignificant to internet-connected individuals.


3 thoughts on “Is Russell Brand A 21st Century Prophet?

  1. It is easy to diminish, scare, confuse and basically brainwash people when they are stuck in a chair, investing all of your dialogue… and you… the media person has no blowback, no check or balance to your delivery. My family watched a lot of T.V. growing up, but at least we always watched it together..
    and we talked back to the T.V. sounds weird… but everyone does it… ever been at a sport’s bar during the Superbowl? So what Trews does in a way, is teaches viewers how to talk back to their T.V. most especially to those demagogues like Bill O’Reilly… who seem to have an imposing hypnotic affect on their viewers… I don’t know… it is kind of insane. I would rather just walk away from it all. But maybe that is the saving grace by which this young man makes these videos. He says himself, he sees O’Reilly as a bit of a “Granddad.” He has an empathy for the public who are continually marginalized.

    What I appreciate most is this. In Capitalism there is idea of the “general public” or the “average person” or what have you. There is a tendency to imagine ourselves as this bigger, connected, thing… call it consciousness, whatever… and Capitalism, by nature sort of shatters this connection. And you have Bill O’Reilly, clearly serving a Capitalist end (I imagine he is probably paid fairly well for what he does, that money gives him his status, and so ultimately, that end of having that money and that status supersedes any notions of being fair… or empathic… or what have you… ) and yet you can’t say O’Reilly is necessarily “selfish” or “evil” because the cause that he serves clearly takes care of him. And is in many ways the Capitalistic modus oprendi: let’s see how much we can get away with, and until we are caught, let us do this for our own good as long as possible.

    So on the other hand Russell Brand (funny his name is Brand… and we’re kind of discussing him as if he were a “brand”) comes in and mocks O’Reilly and offers this and that… but at the end of the video says ” subscribe here.” So he is also just selling this alternative product but it is like lipstick on the same pig.

    Because what happens if I say, okay this Brand guy is right… I agree with him and I’ll “follow” him… well guess who he is following? Anyone? Who is Brand following?

    Bill O’Reilly. So by ascribing to him, I would just be in the same circle of innocuous drivel and k would still be somehow connected to the whole thing.

    Any real prophet or philosopher or what have you will not come in a YouTube video saying “and be sure to subscribe to my channel!” Are you serious? Jesus warned about false prophecy. This is just another excuse to continue the circus. No thanks. I’ll say no to both Brand and O’Reilly and anything else.

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    1. Very well said, where I would differ slightly in opinion is that while O’rielly represents a powerful group ie Rupert Murdoch and corporate interests, brand doesn’t really have an enforceable agenda, other than his own egotistical gain. I think Brand genuinely promotes good values and compassion to all and his lust for subscribers is just a bit narcissistic while O’riellys message is much more harmful as it seeks to legitimise intolerance of others

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      1. True. I am only partially familiar with him. So yes I he is more of an artist than a professional talking head. Still, I don’t know if I would call him a Prophet. He is not telling people “look if you don’t do this… this is going to happen” it is more like he is just really upset about a lot of things and wants to fix them. A prophet has special insight into the future. Usually they are the people nobody listens to unfortunately.

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