Health Food: Taking A Bite At The Restaurant Industry Cherry

The Irish Times latest restaurant review of The Fumbally Stables documents the shifting trend in Dublin’s restaurant culture. Today more than ever restaurant goers are looking for “healthy” meals on a night out.

The success of restaurants like The Fumbally Stables and The Happy Pear emphasize the ever growing health conscious consumer in 2015. New businesses should take note when designing their menu.

The Health buzz seems to be the new thing, I mean Pearse Street Dart Station is now stackin’ “Pressed Juices.”On one level, this movement is welcomed, what with obesity and all that jazz, the health revolution can only be of benefit, right?

Yet, one can’t discount the research conducted by  Harvard Medhdshowing that people who think they’re eating healthy tend to over consume far more food and excess calories than if they know that they’re eating something Deep-Fried & Greasy. 

So therefore I welcome the healthy-restaurant trend with caution, as long as people aren’t duped into a false sense of being healthy while gorging on bowls of “Quinoa” and “Goji Berries”  like the Fat-free movement of the 80s & 90s.

Although, I dont think this is the case with places like the Fumbally Stables, there is real substance to what they’re doing and its somewhere I can’t wait to visit!


6 thoughts on “Health Food: Taking A Bite At The Restaurant Industry Cherry

  1. Hi there,

    Love the article and agree with the sentiments expressed but I’m keen to know what you would define as ‘greasy’.



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    1. Haha I suppose by Greasy i just meant those foods we generally associate with being unhealthy or foods not to be eaten regularly. For example, If you’re going to an Italian, people would probably be less likely to order a big dessert if they had Pepperoni Pizza than if they had say, a Vegetarian Cannelloni even though they’re pretty similar with all the cheese. Yet we think about the two dishes different psychologically, so people should just be a bit cautious


      1. Thanks for the swift response, Conor.

        I often find the same thing when I order in my local chip shop; the cowboy supper (with peas) feels like a distinctly healthier meal than the pastie supper, even though they are equally calorific and I’d be much more inclined to scoff a half-litre tub of Ben and Jerry’s after the former than after the latter.
        Thought provoking.

        Yours in grease,


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    1. Yep, a good quote I heard was “good health makes a lot of sense but not a lot of money” the health food industry is booming therefore companies deliberately market food as healthy when it’s quite obviously not. I’ve written an in depth article about this for UT, it should be available in my bio of you’re interested

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