Exam Time & Brain Food

Pretty bleak few weeks ahead with nothing much happening besides these blasted Law exams. Trying to eat reasonably healthy for some extra brain power and stock up on nutrients during this incredible weather and rather stressful period in the year. DSC00156The bottom image is a healthy porridge (oatmeal) I’ve been eating recently. I make it with golden syrup, raisins and chia seeds (pretentious I know) .  It’s aimage great way to start the day in the morning, so wholesome and its packed with a tonne of good stuff .

The image on the left is an awesome, healthy lunch dish I’ve also been munching on. The Pink Salad is Quinoa with Beetroot, apple & Pecan Nuts. Delish.

The other salad, paler in colour is a Couscous with Olive Oil, Roasted Pepper, Courgette & Aubergine (also called Eggplant) .  Very Nourishing and Mediterranean,  perfect for eating in the Sun.


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